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Scuba Diving

How would you spend with an adventure full of adrenaline?

  • Aquarium near the center of Fethiye want the Sheep 5 star is an experienced diver, you know anything about whether diving bay fishing with your hands like heaven you see the native marine life, you'll also see infusing well, you will be astonished by what you see. You do not need to be even dive for a very good swimmer any experience. We provide all the equipment and installations for diving. In addition, our dive boat will be surprises waiting for you.

Diving watches and transportation

Around Fethiye where you are sitting, which is thicker if you are staying at the hotel, our services will be full time from your location for your transfer you to the dive spot, we'll move to the area will make diving after meeting with professional diving Our teacher when you have a boat.

Diving watches and transportation

Our office hours are between 09:30 and 08:00 am departure. However, this time may vary depending on the region you're in. In such cases, our company will contact you. Our service will leave again if you return to your hotel or home.

Who's activity are not Participate?

1-14 age 58 years of age six-
2-pregnant ones or discomfort
3-physical barriers which are
4-severe water phobia or psychological criteria to panic people

Required to do with us now pass

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Babadağ Yamaç Paraşütü - Ölüdeniz Mahallesi, Ölüdeniz Belediyesi, 48340 Fethiye/Muğla


Ölüdeniz Mahallesi, Ölüdeniz Belediyesi, 48340 Fethiye/Muğla