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Ready for Babadag Tandem Paragliding Experience?

Are you ready to soar through the skies and feel the exhilaration of tandem paragliding? Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to create unforgettable memories.


Babadag Tandem Paragliding Full Package

What Is Included?

  • Babadag Tandem Paragliding with Professional Pilots
  • Free Transfer to Runway
  • Runway Fee
  • Flight Insurance

Photos & 360° Videos

We can provide professional photos and videos of your experience taken by our GoPro cameras upon request.

Flexible Reservation

Price fixing with early booking, and the possibility of unconditional reservation changes.

Paragliding Flight Hours

We fly at 08:30 - 10:30 - 13:00 - 15:00 - 17:00

Fethiye Babadag Tandem Paragliding Payment Methods

While offering best prices, we are trying to accommodate your payment preferences.

Bank Transfer

You can send the payment via local and international bank transfers.

Payment at the Door

Or, you can make your payment in cash when you arrive.

How the Tandem Paragliding Takes Place?

For your amazing tandem paragliding experience, we are right beside you!


Come to the meeting location as we determined after the reservation and payment is completed.

Arrival to the Flight Track

We will arrive to our flight track by cable car. During this journey, you will witness a spectacular view.

Flying within Clouds!

After reaching the flight points at 1200, 1700, 1800 and 1965 meters pre-flight preparations begin. And our pilots give you a brief.


After paragliding in the sky for about 25-30 minutes, we will smoothly land on Oludeniz beach.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is tandem paragliding?

Tandem paragliding is a thrilling adventure activity where a certified pilot flies a paraglider with a passenger. It allows individuals to experience the joy of paragliding without the need for prior training or experience.

Is tandem paragliding safe?

Yes, tandem paragliding is generally safe when conducted by experienced and licensed pilots using well-maintained equipment. Our company prioritizes safety and strictly adheres to safety protocols to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience.

How long the tandem paragliding flight takes?

Based on the weather conditions, it takes about approx. 25 minutes.

Is there a weight & height limit for tandem paragliding?

Since the weight that a parachute can carry is limited, the weight of our pilots and their passengers is carefully measured, taking into account the weather conditions. Although the maximum weight limit is 105 kilograms, this limit may vary depending on the fitness level of our passenger.

Is there an age limit for tandem paragliding?

People of all ages can participate in paragliding tandem flights. In general, people from the age of 5 to 90 years fly.

What should I bring with me for tandem paragliding flight?

You should wear comfy clothes - usually sneakers and you can bring sunglasses for summer days. Additionally, you can bring a bottle of water.

What should I wear for tandem paragliding?

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes for tandem paragliding. Layers are also recommended to accommodate changing weather conditions. We provide all necessary safety gear, including helmets.

Do I need any prior experience for tandem paragliding?

No prior experience is necessary to enjoy tandem paragliding. Our tandem flights are designed for beginners and our experienced pilots will handle all aspects of the flight. All you need is a sense of adventure!

What should you pay attention to when doing tandem paragliding?

When tandem paragliding, listen carefully to your instructor's instructions and ensure that safety equipment is worn correctly. Also check that the weather conditions are suitable and the equipment is in good condition.

How can I make my tandem paragliding reservation for future date?

You can fill out our reservation form or contact us directly via our WhatsApp line.

Can I make changes to my reservation after it's confirmed?

Yes! We can help you for changing your reservation details and postpone/backdate your flight.

What happens in case of bad weather?

The safety of our customers is our top priority. If the weather conditions are deemed unsuitable for tandem paragliding, we will reschedule your flight for a later date or offer a refund.

Enjoy Fethiye Babadag Tandem Paragliding with the Best Team!

If you want your Fethiye vacation to be a top-notch experience, you cannot leave here without trying tandem paragliding! We offer safe and fund tandem paragliding experience with professional and experienced pilots, with the high-quality equipment while offering best prices.

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Online Reservation

Paragliding reservation form


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