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We advise you to prepare yourself for this deep excitement by guaranteeing the fun of rafting activities in Fethiye. You will end up in the spirit of great laughter and teamwork as you strive to balance on the crazy water flowing between colors and nature. This 45 minutes will be amongst your holiday repertoire as a lasting moment, and will add many wonderful things to you. In order to participate in rafting activities in Fethiye, you can visit the Rafting section of our site and buy it directly. 


Fight Against Crazy Water With Rafting

Here you will pay for the rafting activities in Fethiye etc. After talking to the day you need to be ready to wait until your day with excitement. However, we recommend you to buy cash, towels, spare clothing and shoes when you go to such an event. In this way, you can have a good progress in your holiday with prepared conditions. Fethiye rafting places are generally Dalaman tea that goes by road after the breakfast on the village of Gürlek. You can feel yourself ready for rafting in Fethiye after a short training period given by master trainers at the beginning of this tea.


Fethiye Rafting

During the fun that starts after this training, you will enjoy the cold water slamming your face in a very safe way to be kept under control by highly experienced instructors. Fethiye rafting places have a very clean water and a unique nature, but they create all the conditions for the amateur rafting enthusiasts in all seasons. Here, while you are rafting your family rafting do not rafting only those who want to watch ice-cold lemons in the hammocks while enjoying the tea of ​​nature can watch between all the passions.


Saklıkent Rafting

Some agencies also visit the museums on the route during these tours. Do not miss these privileges. You need to be 14 years old and have swimming knowledge to be involved in rafting. Asthma that reacts suddenly is a necessary condition for you not to have cardiovascular diseases. Besides, many agencies do not take athletes over 70 years of age. Don't miss this fun!


Ölüdeniz Mah. Cumhuriyet (Old) Cad. No: 52b Fethiye / Muğla, Türkiye
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