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Ölüdeniz Yamaç Paraşütü
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Horse Riding                    

We Turks have been interacting with a great admiration and adherence to horses from our existence to this day. It is almost not a pet for us, but a symbol of devotionless friendship. When you come to Fethiye, you can come to the horse safari at the beginning of the most beautiful activities. Two different routes will be waiting for you when you join the tour. Go to the safari in Fethiye with the magnificent view of Fethiye from the forest road or from Hisarönün to Kayaköy if you want.

Horse Riding

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Babadağ Yamaç Paraşütü - Ölüdeniz Mahallesi, Ölüdeniz Belediyesi, 48340 Fethiye/Muğla


Ölüdeniz Mahallesi, Ölüdeniz Belediyesi, 48340 Fethiye/Muğla