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12 Island Boat Tours

12 islands boat tour, which is the most popular boat tour in Fethiye Our services will offer you the opportunity to make a unique holiday. The high level of service we prepare for our valued customers adorned with lasting memories of this day will be very pleased. All kinds of luxury vehicles in the common areas of travel and we will easily find our boat, you can spend a nice day thanks to the friendly staff.

Fethiye 12 islands will allow you to spend a day visiting the many stops quite nice covered boat tour. We recommend that you keep in cash with you for your individual needs with reference to all kinds of purchases you make in hindsight we stop. 12 islands were places we toured covered boat tour

12 island

12 Island Boat Tour

Extreme Sports and Activities

Modern social facilities established on this island they fearlessly battle the Knights of Rhodes provides all kinds of opportunities for you to spend a nice day.

The history of this island, which has become the center of the ancient tombs of the ancient theater and get ready to get lost in the dusty pages. Located in the southern part you will have so much fun on this island.

Put this in a restaurant situated in nature, which is one example of meeting the humble sea can eat quite a nice dinner or dessert. It is worth noting that they are in quite a reasonable level of wages.

Another swimming through our activities also include flat 4 by performing the tiny island archipelago consisting of swimming facilities we provide to our esteemed guests to travel between the islands.

which is quite close to Yassica Island you will find the chance to see a few of the old Ottoman buildings on the island. It is also the only island in which private property within the boundaries of this island stops on our tour will visit 12 islands. Therefore, it may be desirable in the entrance fee to some historic area.

Our tour will give you with a unique historical relics and nature of this island to eat our service fee is included in the raw. Food service due to our boat you choose the buffet as often in the island has many buildings and ruins remaining from alacaksınız.rus state will visit some beautiful places and eat a delicious meal.